Brake Controllers & Harnesses

Brake Controllers And Harnesses
Australian road rules state that all trailers with a gross trailer mass exceeding
750kg must have brakes. The most common heavy trailers operate either an
electromagnetic or hydraulic trailer brake system that both require a brake
controller to moderate braking on the trailer.
There are two main types of Brake Control systems – Time-activated and
Proportional. Time-activated systems apply maximum trailer braking over a preset time - usually one to three seconds. Proportional systems determine the tow
vehicle’s rate of deceleration and apply the trailer brakes to match.
Typically speaking, time-activated systems are suitable for towing lighter loads
and for straighter, flatter roads. Proportional systems are more suited to towing
loads over two tonnes and when driving in hilly and/or windy conditions.
Hayman Reese provides both time activated and proportional brake control units
as outlined in this section.