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4 Leaf 45mm x 8mm x 710mm Gal Eye to Eye - Offset Pin - Rated 550KG NFF

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4 Leaf 45mm x 8mm Galvanised Shackle Spring - 710mm - Offset Pin - Rated 550KG

45mm Shackle Offset Galvanised Spring

45mm x 710mm Shackle Offset Galvanised Spring. The offset is 50mm off-centre to enable the axles to be closer on tandem trailers for 14inch or 16inch wheels.

This gap can be closed by 50mm to 100mm by turning the spring 180-degrees. Ideal for closing the gap between the tyres on tandem trailer setups. Install hangers 25mm longer than the springs.

45mm Spring Specifications

  • 28 inch (710mm)
  • 45mm x 8mm
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter
  • 300mm eye to Center Bolt
  • 410mm other eye to centre bolt
  • 105mm Free Camber

Galvanised spring rating per spring for offset springs are:

  • 4 leaf 550kg
  • 5 leaf 650kg
  • 6 leaf 750kg
  • 8 leaf 850kg