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Hayman Reese Compact Electric Brake Controller Remote Head 12V Trailer 05550

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This time activated Electric Brake Controller is compact enough that it can be accommodated by almost any dashboard. The main unit can be fitted discreetly so it isn't seen, while the control dial features a clear face and LED indicators so you're always aware of how secure the connection is between your trailer and main towing vehicle. The design of this controller means adapting to different trailers is simple.


  • Only the compact control panel is visible
  • Control unit is mounted out of sight
  • Electric trailer brake control for 1-3 Axles
  • Plug & Play feature allows for quick and easy connection with the Hayman Reese SmartClick™ brake control harness
  • Unique “Sync” adjustment for towing different trailers
  • Flexible and neat mounting options
  • Green LED Indicator monitors a secure connection with your trailer
  • 3 Year Hayman Reese Warranty
  • Remote mount ensures no issues with hitting the brake control unit or damaging it, whilst moving around in your vehicle
  • Remote mount is less likely to interfere with any airbag deployment zones e.g. knee or lower leg
  • A Sync control dial which provides more control and added safety when applied
  • Sync features an output power control which doubles as a manual over-ride switch


If you are unsure if this will suit your vehicle or require vehicle specific information, please contact Hayman Reese Customer Service before purchasing.

Download manual here