Cruisemaster DO-35 V3/V3Plus Mounting Bolt Kit 18D-DO35-BOLT

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This kit comes with the required grade bolts, nylocs and washers to safely secure your DO35 V3 or V3Plus to the mounting plate.

(Note: only suitable for plate thickness of 8-16mm)

Box Contents:

• 2 X 60-B-M12X100-8.8
• 2 X 60-B-M12X50-8.8

• 4 X 60-N-M12NYL
• 4 X 60-WF-1/2"-HT

* Ensure bolts are tightened to the correct torque recommendations as per your coupling information sheet and bolt bag instructions. (90 N.M.) *

Please note this product is not suitable for use with previous models of DO35 or any DO45 models.

Hitchmaster is a product of Cruisemaster and has been superseded by the Cruisemaster brand. All Hitchmaster products are compatible with the Cruisemaster spare parts and accessories.