Cruisemaster DO35 V3Plus 3.5T Coupling With Handbrake - 18D-DO35-V3PLUS-I

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Package Includes;

  • DO35 V3Plus with Handbrake
  • Tow Pin 7/8" Shaft 
  • Tow Pin Cover
  • Universal C-Spanner
  • Fitment Bolts
  • User Guide

Hitchmaster is a product of Cruisemaster and has been superseded by the Cruisemaster brand. All Hitchmaster products are compatible with the Cruisemaster spare parts and accessories.

Let the adventures continue with the DO35 V3Plus.

While the original concept for the DO35 was focused on off-road use we have found over the years that the DO35 has quickly become exceedingly popular on road vans as well; making it a great fit in all-terrains.

On Road Use

The inherit safety that comes with the articulation and ADR compliant locking mechanism of the DO35 means when the worst happens you couldn’t be in safer hands. If a roll over occurs when travelling the DO35 is less likely to disconnect or roll the vehicle with the caravan/trailer than many other couplings currently available. (Effectiveness of coupling in this scenario will be affected by towing peripherals such as WDH systems).

Let’s not kid ourselves, you may start a trip with the best on intentions to keep to the flat top… But road conditions can change drastically and quickly! With the state of some “sealed” roads in Australia you may as well be on the dirt! The DO35 gives you the reassurance that your hitch can handle any road put in front of it.

Off-Road Use

When off-road articulation is king! The articulation of the DO35 allows you to take your caravan or trailer anywhere the 4wd can get with its rotational articulation both horizontally and vertically.

But it doesn’t end there… when we talk off-road in Australia, we are largely talking tough corrugations, this is where the build quality of the DO35 shines. Your coupling takes a beating on outback road, you will quickly find that only the toughest survive… the middle of nowhere isn’t the place to find this out! The DO35 has high quality poly bushes and is fully greaseable to reduce wear in the toughest of terrains.


The Cruisemaster DO35 V3 and V3Plus Range of couplings have been designed with safety as a priority! The positive locking 2 stage ADR compliant locking mechanism gives you the reassurance that the vehicle and caravan and truly secured. The patented “Checklock” Cap also doubles as both dust protection and a fool proof safety check, the cap will only fit onto the coupling when the lock is activated… if the cap doesn’t fit your not ready to tow!

Safety doesn’t end with the locking mechanism! Special consideration was given to the build materials of the DO35 V3 & V3Plus, it was increasingly important to have the added strength to manage the additional forces added by a Weight Distribution System while keeping the unit slimline and light weight.

This was achieved by a combination of a forged steel Yoke and Rear Nut for strength where it matters and a cast Housing to reduce weight were not safety critical.

We believe seeing is knowing; where others may be moving towards systems that enclose the safety critical locking components away from view we believe it is important to keep this components accessible and visible so you rest assured that a secure connection is achieved before travel.

Low Profile

The DO35 was designed with clearance in mind! Don’t let a grab handle or handbrake stop you from accessing your rear doors. The DO35 has been tested on many of Australia’s favorite touring vehicles to ensure adequate door clearance.


The Cruisemaster DO35 uses what is considered the standard 4 bolt mounting pattern in Australia, meaning it’s really easy to upgrade from the standard ball or poly block couplings.

For instructions on installation, maintenance and use refer to the DO35 User Guide here

Available with or without handbrake. This listing is for the hand brake version.

Weight Distribution Systems

The Cruisemaster DO35 V3 & V3Plus models were designed and tested with the most popular WDH (Weight Distribution Systems) of the time. In most instances these models can be used with systems without the need for additional components, but if additional clearance is required Cruisemaster offers a range of adaptors for use with Hayman Reese systems.

While the DO35’s Zn-Ni with E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection it may fade with extended exposure to UV. This does not affect the operation of the DO35. To best maintain the finish of the product, we recommend covering the DO35 coupling when not in use if stored outside and exposed to direct UV.


    • Patented “Checklock” Gen.2 Dust Cap & Bumper for an easy, secure seal
    • Improved Bumper molding gives the from reflector strip improved staying power
    • Rear support webbing allows for mounting upside down on the underside of the drawbar


        • 2 Stage ADR compliant locking mechanism
        • Low profile Bumper & Cap for impressive clearance
        • High articulation for improved handling off-road and on unmaintained roads
        • Available with or without handbrake
        • Suitable for use with most Weight Distribution System’s
        • Forged Yoke and Rear Nut for added strength
        • Exceeds ADR 62/01 and 62/02 strength requirements
        • One piece light weight Cast Housing
        • Standard Aus bolt pattern for easy fitment
        • 7/8” shaft to fit most std. tow tongues
        • Improved towing safety
        • Combination of zn-ni and e-coat for superior corrosion protection
        • Greaseable Bushes for easy maintenance and noise free towing
        • No tow ball height restrictions
        • R.A.T Run Tested and Proven

        ARTICULATION: 360 degrees axial, minimum 70 degrees other axes.
        LOCKING: Fully ADR 62/02 compliant including automatic secondary lock
        BOLT PATTERN: 4 bolts at 185mm x 54mm
        RATING: 3.5 Tonne
        ACTION: Drop-On
        MAINTENANCE: Fully Greasable