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Hayman Reese ECU - 04826 with Smartclick 7 pin flat plug 04817 (1800mm)

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Genuine Hayman Reese electronic control unit 1 with SmartClick wiring system 04817 (1800mm).

Many vehicles are not designed to allow electrical towing equipment to be directly connected to rear lighting circuits. In these cases a trailer ECU is used to overcome the problems associated with connecting trailer circuits to a vehicle.


  • The ECU connects directly to the vehicles battery & powers the trailer lights not causing any over load of the vehicles system
  • Virtually eliminates additional electrical current on the vehicles tail light circuits
  • Ensures maximum trailer light brightness
  • Eliminates the need for heavy duty flashers or converters
  • Compatible with 2 & 3 Wire systems
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 04826
  • Model: 04817

If you are unsure if this will fit your vehicle or require vehicle specific information please contact Hayman Reese Customer Service before purchasing.