MCS MX Roll On Motor Bike Steady Stand - Trailer or Workshop WCK1

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The M.C.S Roll On Steady Stand is a quick and easy securing option to aid in the safe transport of your bike. It can easily be mounted onto the floor of a trailer, van or workshop stand and assists with keeping your machine upright when you roll your bike into the Steady Stand upon loading. This ensures it remains in an upright position to then be properly fastened in with your preferred tie-down system.

The easy-adjust system is perfect when you own more than one motorbike or if you want to switch between the front and the rear tyre. The M.C.S Roll On Steady Stand is suitable for wheels from 15 to 21 inches and tyre widths from 90 up to 200 mm.

Mounting bases approx. 37cm x 3cm (flat surface.)

Total mounting width approx. 200mm (outside.)

Width between mounting bases approx. 150mm (inside.)



  • Fully adjustable and therefore also suitable for larger motorbikes
  • Galvanized for durability
  • Ideal for using on trailers or in vans
  • Maximum stability achieved by securing the front wheel
  • Anchorable on any hard surface