AL-KO Premium Marine Winches - 250kg, 500kg, 700kg, 1000kg or 1200kg

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 AL-KO Premium Marine Winches come in 5 capacities – 250 kg, 500 kg, 700 kg, 1000 kg and 1200 kg, and are available with cable or webbing.

Perfectly suited for quick boat retrieval onto a multi-roller trailer all 500 kg and above AL-KO Premium Marine Winches are multi speed with 2 or 3 speeds. The 1:1 ratio enables the initial retrieval of the boat onto the rollers and the second (or third) ratios allow for the full weight of your boat to be pulled onto the trailer, with ease.

These winches are of the highest quality to ensure long trouble free operation. They feature ultra high strength shaft bushes, a stainless steel drive shaft, drive pawl and spring system for maximum corrosion resistance. A unique feature of the Premium range is the galvanised rectangular frame that provides the high resistance to torsional distortion.

The clever handle design allows quick release and re-attachment to the desired gear shaft without the operator having to jump from one side of the trailer to the other.

The bolt hole patterns suit most existing boat trailers.

The AL-KO winches are covered by registered design.