Q: Do Fineline Trailers offer standard trailers as well as custom builds?

Yes, we have a wide range of standard trailer designs know as our Southern Range. These trailer packages are offered as a set design, so no alterations can be made. You can view the brochures with all the information including pricing here.
We also offer you a fully customised solution, including a full range of accessories and design services. We work one-on-one with you to come up with a design to best suit your requirements and budget. To enquire about a custom build, please lodge a Quote request here.

Q: Are Fineline Trailers made overseas or in Australia?

We are proudly Australian owned and Australian made. All of our products are manufactured from the ground up, right here in Richmond NSW to the latest National Code of Practice and all relevant State Guidelines.

We specialise in custom fabrication and pride ourselves in the quality of our designs and finishes. All of our trailers are 100% built from scratch!

We back the quality of our workmanship with a 3 year warranty plus we have an Australian made licence so you can be assured we carry the 100% Australian Made mark demonstrating Aussie authenticity which meet the criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law. It's Australia's most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol for peace of mind

Q: What are
Fineline’s qualifications, can I be confident you are qualified?

In operation since 2009, Fineline Fabrications (Fineline Trailers) is fully approved and registered as a manufacturer with the Road Vehicle Regulator (ROVER.)

Our fully qualified staff have worked in the transport manufacturing industry for more than 15 years and are fully qualified in the Vehicle Body Building trade.

Here's The important stuff:

Fineline Fabrications Pty Ltd & Fineline Trailers ABN 97 618 738 659
Fineline Trailers is a registered business name BN98465972
Motor Dealer No. MD066250

Road Vehicle Type Approval TB VTA-060299
Road Vehicle Type Approval TC VTA-060305

Q: Do Fineline Trailers only make and sell trailers, can I also get my trailer serviced?

Absolutely, Fineline provide general servicing and full safety checks for your trailer, caravan or horse float. Bookings are essential.

Q: What is the best way to get in contact with Fineline Trailers to get a quote?

Jump across to our brochures found under the Trailers menu to give you an idea of our range and pricing. Also under the Trailers tab, you can easily fill out our online quote form with all your details and we will get back to you to discuss your needs or custom build requirements. Ask a question on our social pages or simply give us a call on 1300 003 463. We are here to help!!

Q: I want to place an order, but how do I pay?

To confirm a pre-order for a Southern range trailer, a 10% holding deposit is taken. The balance is then payable on completion of your new trailer.

To confirm a custom order, a holding deposit of 10% is taken and your order is placed in our manufacturing queue. We will then contact you 10-12 weeks prior to manufacturing to finalise your order at which time a further 40% instalment is due for payment. Once services have been completed a final balance of payment will be due.

In addition, registration or freight charges will also be invoiced. Once payment is received, we will contact you ASAP to arrange the collection or delivery arrangements to finalise the order. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions including Warranty found under the Trailers tab “Warranty & Terms”.

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Q: What do I need to know about trailer weights?

Tare Mass - is the total mass of the trailer with no load, unoccupied, and all standard equipment and any options fitted. Non-transport fluid reservoirs such as water tanks and wastewater tanks fitted to trailers are measured empty. After-market optional add-ons (TV, mattresses, extra gas bottles, awnings etc.) aren’t included in the tare mass and are considered as a load, so must be included in your ATM measurement. 

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) - is the total mass of the trailer when carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer. The ATM is measured with the trailer/caravan unhitched from your towing vehicle and resting on its jockey wheel. The maximum ATM of your trailer mustn’t be exceeded. Weigh your loaded trailer/caravan resting on its jockey wheel, including full water tank, gas tanks and everything you'd pack to go travelling to ensure the measured mass doesn't exceed your specified ATM capacity. 

Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) - is the maximum mass recommended of your fully loaded trailer when it is hitched to your tow vehicle. The GTM of the trailer is transmitted to the ground by only the trailer tyres and excludes the mass distributed to the towing vehicle through the coupling. The GTM of your trailer mustn’t be exceeded. Weigh your loaded trailer when it is attached to your towing vehicle to ensure your measured mass doesn't exceed your specified GTM capacity.

Q: Now my trailer is ready, where do I pick up my new trailer? Can I get it delivered?

We will contact you to inform of your estimated completion day. Closer to the completion date we get in contact and discuss the specifics and book your hand-over appointment at our factory or help to arrange your freight.

Yes we ship interstate and overseas. We will let you know all the pricing options based on your location.

Q: What will happen on collection day?

The big day for collecting your new Fineline manufactured item has arrived! One of our experienced staff will run through all the features with you and answer any questions you may have. Once your new trailer is connected and ready to tow, the indicator lights and brakes will be checked before you head out on the road. If you need assistance with tow balls mounts or towing equipment, we can also help you out on the day of your collection.

We will also provide you with information on:

  • Registration
  • Electric brakes
  • Trailer usage and maintenance
  • Trailer warranty

If your trailer is being freighted to you, an information pack will be supplied with your trailer.