Fineline have partnered with Trans-West Insurance Brokers to bring you a custom insurance solution for your new Fineline trailer and everything it carries.   

At Trans-West Insurance Brokers, they know just how important it is to have the right motor sport insurance. They are passionate about motorsport and about helping people in the industry get the right level of insurance cover for their needs. Using their industry experience, Trans-West have have worked with a number of insurers to develop an industry-first; an insurance policy that is tailor-made for motor sport competitors to protect them in a competition environment.

If it races, has an engine and it isn’t a road-registered vehicle, chances are it can be covered by a motor sporting insurance policy. There are some specific types of vehicles that are most commonly covered by a motor sport insurance policy that we broker at Trans-West Insurance.

These include:

  • Competitive motorbikes/trail bikes.
  • Cars, ranging from karts and drag cars, up to V8s and Formula One.
  • Boats and other on-water racing vehicles.
  • Trailers and vehicles used to move other racing vehicles to and from events.
A motor sport insurance policy can also include a Transporter Package Insurance policy. This cover is designed for larger operations that are using a dedicated transporter to move their motor vehicle. The policy covers the transport vehicle and its contents (including race vehicles) in case they are stolen or involved in an accident.

If you’re ready to talk to the experts about how to insure your new Fineline trailer, yourself, your equipment or your business, reach out to the team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers.