Anti theft protection of your trailer or caravan

Anti theft

Recent reports indicate that caravan, motorhome and trailer theft is a significant and growing problem in Australia. It is estimated that around 500 caravans and trailers are reported stolen each year in Australia.

So now that you have secured your dream Fineline trailer or Play and Stay, the last thing you would want is for anything to be stolen such as your mount, coupling or trailer itself.

Head on over to over our online store which is our subsidiary site Total Trailer Parts to peruse the wide array of security/anti theft options we have available to aide in theft prevention.

Hayman Reese offer towing solution products. With the greatest range of towing solutions for the ever growing tow and load Australian market Hayman Reese has the right solution for you and your towing needs and methods to keep your items safe. Prevent theft of your tow ball mount with a simple easy to install locking pins such as the Hayman Reese range of Locking Pins:

Hayman Reese Silver Locking

Hayman Reese Extra Long Silver 

Hayman Reese Straight Silver 

Total Trailer Parts also sells a wide selection of Mister Hitches Pin locks.

Straight Dog & Bone Style 

J Style

Quick Fit Style 

Super Duty  

Purpleline Range of security options:

At Total Trailer Parts you will find a selection of the very popular Purpleline range.

Wheel Clamp and Hitch Lock

Empower yourself and protect your caravan with the revolutionary complete security kit. This ultimate combination of a hitch lock and wheel clamp will not only deter thieves, but give peace of mind to the owners it will be safe. Boasting the strength of the Samurai wheel clamp and the reliability of the Saracen hitch lock, this compact and user-friendly kit is a game changer.

The convenience of keyed alike feature and slim carry bag makes it a breeze to store while on the road. With Purpleline's robust 7-pin locking mechanism and sturdy metal construction, rest assured that your valuable possession is in safe hands. Don't compromise on safety, choose Purpleline for unbeatable protection.

Saracen Ultra Hitch Coupling Lock 

Saracen Ultra: The Ultimate Hitch Lock for Aussie Adventurers! Fit for any 50mm ball hitch, it secures your trailer both when hitched and unhitched. Its hardened steel construction and high-security 7-pin lock provide maximum protection against cutting, drilling, and even gas freezing.

Nemesis Wheel Clamp 

The latest innovation in vehicle immobilization technology - the Nemesis Wheel Clamp! Perfect for all those pesky car thieves trying to tow away your precious trailer or camper.

Crafted from top-grade hardened steel, the Nemesis Wheel Clamp is practically indestructible. No more worrying about thieves breaking through your security like it's a piece of cake. The 9-lever barrel lock made by Lowe and Fletcher – makes it resistant to picking, drilling, and even gas freezing. Talk about being next level!

This wheel clamp is suitable for both steel and alloy wheels, ranging from 10" to 20" in diameter. It can handle tyre widths from 14.5cm to 27.5cm. And as if that wasn't enough, the Nemesis Wheel Clamp also comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. So go ahead and park your vehicle with peace of mind - because with the Nemesis by your side, those pesky car thieves don't stand a chance.

Saracen Off Road Hitch Lock 

Today’s tough Aussie off-road vans are increasingly fitted with the Vehicle Components Hitchmaster® DO35 articulated hitch (Now Fits DO35 V1-V2-V3 ) , and now Purple Line has developed a tough new hitch lock to protect it.

The new Saracen Off-Road hitch lock provides the same combination of toughness and easy fitting for the DO35 as the standard Saracen models do for standard 50mm ball hitches. As with all Purpleline anti-theft products, it features tough metal construction, engineered to give maximum protection for Aussie caravanners.

It comes with Purpleline’s tough, 7-pin locking mechanism, and is fitted simply by placing the backing plate in position, clamping over the cover and locking the stout locking pin. Exceptionally tough and resistant to theft, Saracen ‘Off-Road’ is a high-security hitch lock developed in Australia specifically for the popular Hitchmaster DO35 articulated hitch.

With such an investment you always want that peace of mind your trailer, caravan or camper is kept safe and secure.

For those extra tech savvy wanting state of the art anti theft options, the Ultimate anti theft protect comes from AL-KO offering a GPS Tracking system.

The AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS) provides the most effective way of protecting your investment from theft. The AL-KO ATS incorporates state of the art GPS tracking in addition to Microdot technology to provide multi-level protection.

This AL-KO ATS tracking system designed to help combat the rising theft of caravans, trailers & motorhomes. In developing the Anti-Theft System, AL-KO has collaborated with Black Knight Global Tracking Systems, to include a world first, purposely designed GPS global tracking device utilizing state of the art M2M (machine to machine) connectivity powered by the Vodafone network.

AL-KO ATS is the smallest, simplest, truly global security solution in existence. Charge up or hard wire the GPS tracker, press one button and you’re away. Bundled with a minimum of 12 months global connectivity, AL-KO ATS includes the tiny Black Knight GPS tracking device + accessories, the free Black Knight real time tracking app (for real-time multi-platform tracking on the go), plus Nano Tag’s revolutionary asset marking tools – the Tagging Wand and View Scope. The Nano Tag microdot technology provides proof of identity of your assets. It allows you to tag your vehicle and belongings with Nano Tag  microdots to allow you to prove ownership to the police in the event of theft.

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