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We loved working on this project with Lukey Luke...he had some fantastic & specific ideas about what he wanted to achieve and we think it turned out pretty spectacular! Do you have a dream for the perfect trailer and don't know how to make it happen? We will work with you on the concept, design and manufacturing to bring it to life. Take a tour with Luke through his home away from home!  

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building a custom trailer, ktm, lukey luke, motoexpo, stunt rider, trailer -

Professional KTM Stunt Rider, Lukey Luke unveiled his new custom made Fineline tri-axle trailer at the Moto Expo in Melbourne yesterday. Working in conjunction with the design and manufacturing team from Fineline for the past 6 months, Lukey will now travel, work & entertain in style with his new trailer that has a full living quarters, merchandising windows, stunt bike transportation and VIP viewing platform. Complete with a custom made kitchen with fridge, stove top, microwave, air conditioning, dining table/double bed & bathroom/shower, the living quarters will be a home away from home for Lukey when he travels. The merchandise section includes...

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