Five reasons to buy Australian Made

Do you ever ask yourself why Australian made is better? Here’s a few reasons why buying Australian made helps the Australian manufacturing industry.

1. Support Australian Business - But why does it matter if it is Aussie?

There are some big reasons why you should buy Australian made goods whenever you can – mainly for quality and safety, but also because it’s good for the economy. Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law meaning certain safety and quality regulations have to be followed, so products that have been manufactured must meet these standards.

Supporting Australian business also gives you more practical benefits because products usually come with local customer support, so if you need spare parts or repairs, the supplier is just a phone call away!

At Fineline, all of our trailers are backed by our 3-year warranty - which is the longest warranty offered in the trailer industry, so we stand by our quality builds. Being made in Australia gives you the peace of mind that you will receive quality items, backed by a lawful warranty.

2. Supports Australian Supply Chain

Green and gold are synonymous with Australia. The Australian made logo is a well-known and trusted country of origin certification, one that Fineline carries with pride. When you see this logo on a product or company website, you can trust that it is authentically Australian. This logo cannot be used without strict guidelines. So always look for the green and gold logo!

Many of the key elements used to build our trailers from scratch are sourced locally from other Australian businesses, for example, we only use Australian Blue Steel to manufacture our frames & chassis. This helps to create an onflow effect of economic activity that benefits everyone involved in the production and distribution of our Fineline trailers all the way down to the smallest supplier. Supporting local manufacturing industries supports the Australian supply chain, helping to keep the manufacturing industry alive and thriving. The manufacturing sector is a key part of the Australian economy, and supporting it helps to maintain local jobs and stimulate economic growth.

3. Support Australian Employment:

It makes sense that when you buy things that are made in Australia, it’s good for our economy. When you buy Australian products, the value you spend stays in Australia. But what does this actually mean? Essentially it means you are supporting Australian jobs. The company that produces the product can employ more Australians. If more Australians have jobs, it means families are likely to have more money to enjoy in Australia and all it has to offer.

4. Keeps Australian dollars in Australia

Pay it forward. Put simply, buying Australian made products keeps the Australian economy growing and keeps Australian dollars in Australia. Buying Australian made keeps the cash flow in Australia so we can all benefit from it.

5. Helps fund Australian Innovation & development

Family owned and operated small businesses such as Fineline Trailers have a focus on creating high-quality products that meet the needs and demand of the local market. We love what we do and so we know you will love what we produce.

Our Australian made products are backed by years of creativity in design and innovation. By purchasing an Australian made trailer, you are helping to encourage and support this innovation, which can lead to the creation of new products and technologies that benefit the economy and the broader community.

The skill and design it takes to create our unique and custom made trailers can have a significant impact on the local economy, supporting jobs such as apprentices, supporting other local businesses, and innovation, and contributing to the ongoing development of the manufacturing industry. If we build it from the ground up, we know we can assure you of innovative designs and quality build materials because we have the knowledge and expertise to develop and tailor make the trailers to customers specifications. Our trailers are built to last the distance and that is why people choose Fineline and our Australian made trailers.